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Climb up the ladder, leap off the platform, and somersault through the air at the Trapeze School New York. Learn first-hand why these aerobatic artists take the risk.

The first step is moving your feet, one in front of the other, up the ladder. Then inch them forward to the edge of the platform. You’re now 20 feet above the ground. If you lean your body forward you can grab the bar. Only now will the flying trapeze instructor take your questions.

At Trapeze School New York, even individuals who are terrified of heights have overcome their fear in a matter of hours and jumped off the platform. Experience the thrill of launching your body into the air with VRtually There in the video.

There’s no prerequisite to learning the trapeze. The only trait students need is trusting themselves enough to leap off the platform.

Cassidy Krug is a retired diver who competed in the 2012 Olympics. She fell in love with the trapeze when she realized she could move her body in the air nearly as freely as she could in the water. Other students looking for a new challenge sign up for a class without any experience.

The transformation students go through before and after their first time flying is especially rewarding for trapeze instructors like Travis Jones. Jones can often see the shift from fear to exhilaration when his students are swinging in the air. This sense of accomplishment helps students break more barriers both within and beyond the trapeze.

“The most common thing when people hit the net is a huge grin that goes across their face,” Jones says.

Leap into the air in the video above.

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