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Twist and shout on a wild ride over Southern California. Grab the joystick of a Soviet-era fighter jet now flying in America!

With over 6,500 flight hours logged and more than thirty years of flying experience, Istvan Kalmar is no stranger to high speeds.

Kalmar is a former member of the Hungarian Air Force, and an extremely skilled pilot. Join him for a flight full of nerve-wracking aerobatic maneuvers in the video.

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a two-seater fighter jet. Both seats have a full set of flight controls and instruments. Seeing the joystick tilt below you makes for a thrilling experience in the cockpit. Enjoy the wild ride as Kalmar rolls the plane through the sky and performs extreme low passes over the canyons of Southern California.

Hop into the front seat through the 360 video.

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