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A unique opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in 360° world of the Allegiant film, joining Tris, Four & Caleb on a harrowing mission to prevent catastrophe and discover the true intentions of David and his Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

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Allegiant: VR Experience


Distributed by: Lionsgate TM & © 2016 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort
Music by: Joseph Trapanese
For Summit/Lionsgate: Tim Palen, Danielle DePalma, David Gray Edwards, Evan Fisk
Big Red Button: Bob Rafei, Richard Robledo, John Melchior
Thank you: Erika McKee & the VFX Production crew, Doug Wick & Lucy Fisher, Veronica Roth, Todd Lieberman, Robert Schwentke, Debbi Bossi, Paula Stier, Christopher Parent, Grigory Arbit, James Madigan

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