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In this award winning 360° video, a young couple's world is coming to an end. When their car breaks down on a small desert road, they opt to walk to the last city they passed through. As their phone batteries drain of life, they capture a sliver of reception to send out a call for help, before much larger trouble catches up to them.


Cast: Emily Adams (as Thea), Adam Hersko (as Seth), Dianne Zankich (as Mom)
Written and Directed by: Adam Hersko
Produced by: Adam Hersko and Luis Blackaller
Executive Producers: Anthony Batt and Luis Blackaller
Cinematography: Adam Hersko
Dolly Operator: Erik Beck
Best Boy: Paul Jacob Evans
Production Sound Mixer: Julian Clark
Editor and VFX Compositor: Adam Hersko
Sound Design: Adam Hersko
Special thanks: Neville Spiteri, Scott Yara, Zach Hansen, Steve Galle, Katie Barreira, Matt Twohig, Erin Jackson, Felege Gebru, Bill Warren, Robert Steinberger, Judit Hersko, Akos Rona-Tas

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