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From the visual effects magicians at SoKrispyMedia (aka Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh) Internet Surfer warps you to the worlds of popular Youtube creators Zach King, Corridor Digital, Jamie Costa, Cyanide & Happiness and LindseyRem. Can Eric escape from Granny’s computer before he becomes a virus?! Find out in this energetic and ingenious 360° adventure.

Created by: Sam Wickert & Eric Leigh
Produced By: Brandon Padveen
Featured Creators: Jamie Costa, Sam Gorski & Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital, Zach King, Lindsey Rempalski, Cyanide & Happiness
Production Design: Alex Lubow
Post Audio & Music by Impossible Acoustic Sound Design: Brendan J. Hogan, Jamie Hunsdale, Catherine Grealish (Composition)
Executive Producers: Clint Kisker, Anthony Batt, Luis Blackaller, Gigi Pritzker
Special Thanks to: Reality One, WEVR, Radiant Images, Mettle, Siv Rajagopal, Luke Snedecor, Jackie Gorman, Joan Matis (Granny)

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