ASMR 360 You are my pet 🐈🐕 and I take you out for a walk in the park | VR - Small animal POV

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360-degree ASMR video in public! This time, I'll take you for a walk my little cat, dog or any other animal! I've read a few comments saying that a full 360 video taken from the point of view of a cat or dog would be cool, so here you go. There was also quite a lot of fog. So you might feel like catwoman during this walk.

For this video, I've once again decided to use a slow and soft-spoken voice rather than whispering. I've also used both audio: the one from the camera and the one from my microphone so that you can hear sounds coming from the ground a bit better.

I hope you'll have a long and peaceful night!

Good night,

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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