ASMR 360 VR in the most Peaceful Park I've ever been (Whispering Walk/Binaural)

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ASMR 360/VR in a small and peaceful park. The other day, we went for a walk in a quite big park full of beaufiful flowers. Today, I'm bringing you to this small park, somewhere in France. A park that is so peaceful that just spending 10 minutes walking through it can bring you a lot of positive energy. I have talked (whispered) more than the last time. I hope you won't mind too much whispering.

In this video, you will be able to enjoy a nice walk with me. I'm elevating you to the rank of super giant and you can walk on big trees or even on water. That's right, that's very right! You'll be able to enjoy footsteps sounds, singing birds and might get visually triggered by the trees or the ducks walking around there.

This time, I didn't forget to bring my binaural microphone so hopefully, you'll be able to feel the space better than the last time.

I hope you'll have a long and peaceful night!

Good night,

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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