ASMR 360 VR | A FLIGHT IN THE PARK (some whispering | binaural sound | sleep & relaxation)

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This video is supposed to be an ASMR video but it could be used by anybody who wants to chill out or just get away from a busy life. I wanted to make you feel like a bird, flying from tree to tree, from flowers to flowers, going up and down, slow or fast. I actually wanted to take this video somewhere else in the park but as you can hear, there was some kind of party. Maybe next time.

I whispered a few things while walking and as you will notice too, it's almost inaudible. I have actually used 2 different mics to record the sounds: the binaural (on my ears) and a stereo lavalier mic. I couldn't use the sound coming from the lavalier cause it picked up too much sound from the party. It would have felt like you were inside a washing-machine rather than a park, if you know what I mean. I think that my whispering being almost inaudible isn't a bad thing by itself. You might get even more sleepy.

I hope you'll have a long and peaceful night!

Good night,

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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