ASMR 360 VR in the Park (Let's have a walk together)

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This is a 360 degrees ASMR video in the park. I like 360 degrees videos cause it feels like you are together with the person who is taking the video. In the case of this video, you might feel like you are walking with me early in the morning. I've read a comment from someone saying that she can't go out and that my previous video in the park was a breath of fresh air. Reading that comment made me think about taking such a video with a 360° camera. I searched for a camera that could be affordable and found the insta360 One X. I can't say that the video quality is good, far from it, but it's not that bad neither, especially when it's very bright.

I've one regret though: I forgot to bring my second record in order to record the sound coming from my binaural mic. So, the sound of this video is "stereo only". I might try to do a no talking 360 video + binaural sounds someday if you enjoy this kind of video.

This video should be a nice watch for people who enjoy flowers, footsteps, birds, cats and whispering.

I hope you'll have a long and peaceful night!

Good night,

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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