Can you count the stars in California's high desert in VR?

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Also, pilot a jet with a stunt flying troupe and score courtside seats to a squash tournament:

Stand under amazing rock arches and watch the stars spin above you in the Alabama Hills – a must see protected area in Lone Pine, California. Keep your eyes peeled for the Milky Way, the Big Dipper, and shooting stars!

Technological advancements have enabled us to spend more time in the sky than ever before. In other ways they have disconnected us from our galaxy.

Seven stars make up the Big Dipper. They are so bright that they can even be seen in the middle of cities, where artificial lighting often obscures star visibility. It takes an extremely dark wilderness to appreciate the night sky in full. Enter the Alabama Hills – actually a region in California - that is a stargazing wonderland. Go there in VR with VRtually There in the video.

Nestled under the eastern Sierra Nevada around 300 miles southwest of San Francisco, the region has been a long-time favorite for filmmakers.

During the day, the area resembles a maze of granite backdropped by 14,000 ft snowcapped peaks. Natural arches molded by millions of years of erosion frame the high desert landscape. At night when the sunlight dims, the stars are revealed in all their splendor.

Constellations abound over this protected California habitat. It’s a mesmerizing experience to see the brilliant skyscape spin above you.

Escape the city and explore the true dark sky in the video above.

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Take a breath. Take it in. And don’t forget to look around!

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