Insta360 Titan Real World Test - Minimum Shooting Distance in 3D EXPLAINED!

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Following up on my Insta360 Titan review: - this is my REAL WORLD TEST hands-on with the production unit. In this video, we will focus on one of the most important questions in stereoscopic 360 production - minimum shooting distance. I will show you what it is and how to avoid 3D parallax and the result after Mistika VR re-stitch. This will help you to prepare your first shoot with the Insta360 Titan in 3D to avoid that annoying stitch line and ghosting effects in 3D 360.

⏰Timestamps for your viewing convenience:
0:28 - 8-bit 10K 3D Sample (YouTube downsample to 6K 3D)
1:14 - Insta360 Titan Battery size and weight (and why it impact your shooting)
1:32 - 4-level fan noise explained *IMPORTANT
2:25 - 3D Minimum Shooting Distance test
4:43 - Mistika VR restitch of the problem areas
5:54 - FlowState Stabilization Test

This video is shot in 10K 3D. YouTube cannot display more than 4K in 3D Stereoscopic. I will provide the FULL sample to download and view it in your editing software or use Insta360 Moment. I will also provide the unstitched footage for you to practice on Insta360 Titan stereoscopic stitching. I will post the download link HERE as soon as its ready. Your boy is working hard to get these prepared for you. Come back in a couple of hours :)

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