New World | 360° VR Music Video Composed By AI (with lyrics)

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Created in VR, composed with AI, owned on the blockchain. A huge thanks to the incredible team that made this possible. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM ⇒
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360 VR Video directed by Jenn Duong
Produced by Jenn Duong & Taryn Southern
Art by Vlad Ilic -
Animation & 2D Unity exports by Spencer Greller and VR Playhouse
Green Screen 2D Video Tracking by West Rodri -
Musical production by Ethan Carlson

Vocals by Taryn Southern
Lyrics by 240+ Taryn Token holders, powered by Trust Token:
Rap lyrics by Jeremy Daniel Hecht
Rap performance by Jensen Reed -

New World is the first song to be tokenized with Ethereum smart contracts, allowing 240+ token holders to collaborate on lyrics and own a portion of the song. Each participant will receive royalties from song sales & streams through Trust Token and delivered to their Ethereum wallet. You can read more about the tokenization process here:

Music composed with AI:
IBM Watson Beat:

THANKS YOUTUBE! The video was a labor of love, made possible by a grant from the YouTube Creator VR Lab.

Written by the 240+ collaborators/owners of the Taryn Token

Good ideas
All gone wrong
In God we trust
Until he’s gone

….So chain us up
And right our wrongs…
….chain us up
And right our wrongs...

For every block we build //  
Their stories tumble down //
Can you hear the sound //
Welcome to the New World

Last night
The world was brok-en
Today (we stand)
I’ve re-a-wok-en
Chanting  (songs)
For the unspoken...
Welcome to the New World

Contracts broken
lovers scorned
One trust destroyed
another born

….So chain us up
And right our wrongs…
….chain us up
And right our wrongs…

We know what’s at stake
For every wall that breaks
Soon they can’t ignore
Welcome to the new world

Last night
The world was brok-en
I’ve re-a-wok-en
For the unspoken...
Welcome to the New World

We are the steadfast believers,
The keepers of hope, the dreamers,
born from zero’s, Born from ones
Together we make blocks of one

RAP - written by Jeremy Hecht
Brand new world to step inside,
the revolution will be televised
Haven’t slept in weeks,
can’t keep my eyes off of this web of lies
Blocks of one, lots of love - lost
Stop the guns,
hearts have been crossed
Zoom in, new focus we shoot
Lost the drive need to reboot
Ignoring all the writing on the wall
Guess the whole time that we knew
Veil of ignorance is now gone
Free of chords, unplugged from now on
Forget the money, you love me but you don’t - trust me
In the new world, we’re charged up, we’ll run free - TRUST ME.

Last night,
The world was brok-en.
Since then,
We have a-wok-en.
the song of the unspoken
Welcome to the New World

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