[360 Video] Symphonic Visions: Night of Adventure Concert by The Orders @ #FFBEFanFesta2018

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12/08/2018 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. "The Orders" perform story, battle, and town themes performed from #FFBE including some first concert debut Season 2 songs as part of #FFBEFanFest2018 and filmed with a #Gear360.

Symphonic Visions - Night of Adventure
1. "Monument Valley"
2. "DUEL!!"
3. "End is Nigh"
4. "Onslaught"
5. "Moment of Recall"
6. "Musasabi"
7. "Where Dragons Slumber"
8. "Unfettered Walls"
9. "Allure of the Unknown"
10. "Another Tale to Tell"

Produced with Gear 360 ActionDirector.

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