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I Catch a Fyah sono una band reggae originaria del territorio pordenonese nata dalle influenze dub, dancehall, rocksteady e reggae roots. Nei loro pezzi antepongono sempre l'emozione e la sincerità, ed è per questo che la loro musica è così coinvolgente, perché è autentica. InSoffitta portano “River”, un brano originale e inedito.
“Catch a Fyah, you gonna get burnt!”

Can you bring me back to mi yard
Back to when it began
Come have a talk with me
man to man
One to one

You’re lost inna road
While you go
you don’t know
Troubles and troubles a come
you don’t know
Tell yourself seh the good
will come
Tell yourself and let it be done
Tell yourself you affi
reach the goal
Tell yourself and play your role

cause you’re lost inna road
While you go
you don’t know
Troubles and troubles a come
you don’t know
None of them need no strength
Cause they got it all
Inna them wickedness and down
Deh pon di road
And again here me sing
And need fi bawl
Need fi reach everyone
Inna di world

Take di water stream outta the river
This a fight and good is
over evil
Even if the sorrows come fi lead us
Love is over them and over all

Cause mi friend affi hold me when
mi fall
And mi love it a come fi hear mi voice
Time it a rush but mi run fast
I’m used to everything fi have your trust
I'm used to say that
now I'm sad cause she’s gone
but life knows
something a gwaan
and I'm glad to feel that
everything inna mi heart
for what goes
something will come

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