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360 Videos|VR| Virtual Reality| WoofSphere | Adventure | Dealing with Trail Obstacles

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Welcome to WoofSphere! I am an urban musher, which means I harness my team of Huskies to a cart and travel on trails and streets. I don’t use a snow sled like you would in Alaska; instead, I use modified bicycles to mush with my pack. I call myself the WooFDriver, and as a videographer and photographer, I have chronicled my outdoor adventures for the past twenty years.

In addition to my own collection of almost all the 360 Virtual Reality photos and videos I’ve captured while adventuring with my dogs, WoofSphere is also comprised of the 360 Virtual Reality photos and videos from the entire WooFDriver team that is scattered throughout the world. The WooFDriver team of photographers and videographers is inspired by the technological capabilities for capturing awesome scenes and the ability to share them with people all over. You will see pictures that run the gamut from wilderness and wildlife to urban areas that are covered in the spectacular colors of graffiti, and everything in between.

I am not just a lover of dogs, I am an avid dog adventurer. My love of dogs and spirit of adventure has taken me to many majestic places throughout the east coast of the USA. I try to capture these adventures in the most descriptive ways for my own personal collection. I love gathering these amazing images so that I can go back and relive the memories again and again. I also like to share them with my friends and family, as well as any other people who may be interested. I have found that 360 VR allows me to fully encompass my memories because it lets me (or any user) turn the view of the camera to point in any direction. My 360 VR images and videos allow you to see almost exactly what I was seeing at that particular moment—it’s the whole scene!

360 Virtual Reality is a relatively new technology, and has only recently become more affordable. The combination of technology and affordability makes it easy for the everyday adventurer or photography enthusiast to engage with and use the equipment just about daily. There are a few major companies offering cameras with 360 VR capabilities, and I have been on board since they first became consumer available. I’ve written reviews, which you can find here (WooFDriver’s WooFTek Website) or on my Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy sites, as well.

I love life, and I want to make every effort to enjoy it as much as possible. I want to be sure that I document these moments so I can look back and relive my adventures time and again, and share my epic experiences with those I love. These moments bring me endless smiles and elation. To me, 360 VR is one of the best ways to capture and share these moments.

In addition to 360 VR, I have used many other techniques and technologies. I have multiple capabilities for capturing creative takes on different scenes and adventures. My motto is: Capture moments, not materials. To me, that means we should try to enjoy every moment of every day to the best of our abilities, keeping in mind that in a moment, this moment will be history.

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