Solar Eclipse in 3D 360 by Eric Cheng / Amity, Oregon, Aug 21, 2017

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Solar eclipse in stereoscopic 3D 360!

These videos do not adequately describe how dark and cold it gets during totality (not to mention the bizarre assault on all of the other senses), but a video that turns black would not be very fun to watch.

Location: Amity, Oregon (Brooks Winery)
Date/ Time: 10:18am, August 21, 2017.
Camera: Insta360 Pro on full auto (6K / 30 fps).

This video is most effective in a VR headset! Options:

1. Watch in Daydream or Cardboard here on YouTube.

2. Download and sideload the video into your headset:

3. Watch in Gear VR. Go to the Facebook version of the video at, "save" the video, and view it in the Facebook 360 app on your Gear VR.

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