Furry 360 - FE 2018- ZandZ's Contractually Obligated Music Show injected

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Furnal Equinox 2018:
360 Video: Furry 360 - FE 2018 - ZandZ's Contractually Obligated Music Show
They don't read the bottom line (THE FOOLS!) and they don't get paid... But, they DO perform for you at no additional cost. Come listen to urban-folk style music of ZOMGShiny and Zack Grey as the play everything from originals to covers, new music to the stuff your parents listened to, and keep you entertained along the way!

360 video allows you to choose which way to view from the camera. If you have a phone VR box, you can activate Google cardboard mode and move around your head to rotate the image.

Recorded in spatial audio, where the sound moves with you as you rotate around. Use headphones to also hear sound from behind you, similar to the Binurual audio used in 3D videos, but is based on microphone source and echo analysis done by YouTube.

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