360° ASMR Sound Therapy | Binaural | Massage, Brushing, Singing Bowl, Tuning Forks

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ASMR in VR ❤︎ 360° Binaural sound therapy featuring Massage, face brushing, crystal grid, layered sound, headphones over the ears and himalayan singing bowl.
❤︎ This ASMR Sound Healing Video is a creative co-collaboration 360 film between ASMR Artist WhisperRed, Director/VR Filmmaker Avril Furness and Innovation Services Company VISYON ❤︎
Web www.avrilfurness.com
Twitter @AvFurness
Insta avril_furness

To view on:
Phone or Tablet - Move your device around or touch and drag
In a VR headset - Click on the cardboard icon bottom right screen
On Desktop - Use the mouse to click and drag around the scene on compatible browsers.

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The company that provided me with Crystal Singing Bowls - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/CRYSTAL-ENERGY-RESOURCES

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