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Ride with Brian Burchartz as he pilots a DC-3 outfitted with its own skis in order to land on the dangerous icy terrain of Wolf Fang Runway in Antarctica. For 10 years, Brian has flown tourists across the continent from the home of the Emperor Penguins at Atka Bay, to the South Pole, a long two-day trip with multiple fueling stops along the way. Get to know this renegade pilot and his crew while they prepare for the arrival of a pending storm.

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Executive Producer:
Nathan Brown

Tom Lofthouse

Barry Pousman

Director of Photography:
Marcus Johannes

Associate Producer:
Erika Barraza

VR Playhouse
Creative Producer:
Ian Forester

Post Producer/Lead Editor:
DJ Turner

Assistant Editor:
Sara Gunderson

Lead Compositor:
Albert Cook

Stephanie Jingyan Zheng

Assistant Compositor:
Spencer Greller

Technical Supervisor:
Joel Jones Marino

Joseph Soy

Discovery VR
Executive Producer:
Rebecca Howard

Creative Producer:
Saschka Unseld

Executive In Charge of Production:
Jeffrey Abramson

Executive In Charge of Branding:
Kyle Ranson-Walsh

Project Manager:
Amanda Phillips

Brian Burchartz

Music by:
Justin D. Wright at Robotic Raptor

Illustrations by:
Joanna Neborsky

With Thanks
White Desert Antarctica
Enterprise Airlines
Drifters Xtreme Sports
Yeti Coolers
Quanta Laboratories

Special Thank you to Epic Road

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