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Taken from the forthcoming album from O.B.F & CHARLIE P

A 360 excursion video with the Paris and London family.

Big up Junior Roy family & crew from Les lilas.
Big up Le Garage / Bagnolet.
And love to all our family and friends for the support.
special big up to Fab / Vinz / Dser for the video.
love to the O.B.F family and all BOXMEN breddas!

New generation a come
Humble but we na fall down
Yute dem haggo rise up now
The olders ago gwarn past down
To the new generation, woah
I've been waiting for all so long
New generation
Teachings them a gwarn pass down
To the new generation, woah
Feel the vibe when we chat pon sound
New generation, woah
Give thanks and we move and galong

Me say me was a likke yute when me first hold mic
No ID me have to smuggle inside
Soon as me feel the energy
Soon as me feel the vibe
Look pon me father with a real big smile
Cuh this is my ting, yes say this is my life
Whole leap a lyrics that me haffe start right
Me learn to write a tune before me learn to ride a bike
Spiritual ting, you know say me nah tell no lie
Reggae music really gwarn save my life
Live inna the ghetto where it's full up a crime
Me want to teach the ghetto yutes the wrong from the right
Ghetto yutedem, dem haffe rise up


Charlie P you know me criss and ready
Grew up on roots dub and rock steady
King Tubbys scientist and Sly and Robbie
Pon the stage with Michael Prophet when me was a pickney
The young veteran rock it nice and easy
Yes the riddim rider, with the bad melody
If ya, feelin low them me got the remedy
Roll up a big spliff and listen some Charlie P
Me say me chat pon di microphone for everybody
Haffe gwarn big up Jamaica, for this sweet reggae beat
When me first gwarn hear it, yes you know it changes me
We nah chat about gun, drugs or money
Say me na want them tings around me
Bun up me sliff, make me feel irie
Being myself you know I'm just bein me
Love life and you gwarn feel free.


Cuh this ya new generation
Know we've been patient
Drive come and pick me up and meet me at the station
Bun a government, cuh me say bun a free mason
Dem man follow satan
We na rate them waste man
Say we coming with the vibes, till a early mornin
We na stallin
We coming with the vibes, realness me a talkin
You know me callin
For all the ghetto yute dem to come follow
Callin all sisters, callin all brothers
No matter what race, no matter what colour
If we all come together then you know say we one


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