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360° CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO" is the project that shows you the must-see wonders of Tokyo and prefectures of Chugoku and Shikoku region, in the western Japan, in pairs.
This chapter is the "Nature / TOKUSHIMA"

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■ TOKYO: Mt. Takao
標高は59At the height of 599 meters, Mt. Takao's offers dynamic views of the city. It is recognized by Guinness as the mountain with the most climbers in the world.
Mt. Takao offers beautiful views of nature each season, as well as a variety of hiking courses.
There is also a cable car and lift, which offer easy access to the pinnacle for everyone.

The place in this movie is here.
TOKYO:Mt. Takao

■ TOKUSHIMA: Rafting
・Tao Adventure
The Yoshino River is said to be one of the best places for rafting in the world, with breathtaking scenery, beautiful water and strong torrents.
Rafting at Yoshino River is filled with thrills, such as large waves exceeding 3 meters with a sudden drop to 2 meters. All of this can be experienced under the guidance of a professional guide.

The place in this movie is here.
TOKUSHIMA:Yoshino River Rafting
http://www.taoadventure.com/(Japanese version only)

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