Shinkansen. Japan's bullet train. 360 video in 8K

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Don't forget that this is 360 video: you can change the angle of view. In 1940, Japan's authorities proposed to connect the country's largest cities by a high-speed railway line. That's how the project Shinkansen was born. Now the railway network has expanded to 2,765 km with maximum train speeds of 130-320 km/h depending on the area. Over the 50-plus year exploitation, there have been no passenger fatalities.

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Nowadays you need extraordinary computer power for watching 8K 360° videos. If you have troubles with watching such videos, choose 4K or HD quality in the settings of your YouTube player. We hope that YouTube will find a solution for optimization this videoformat to make it watchable for common users.

Also here is the answer for a frequently asked question about true resolution of an 8K 360° video. Unlike standard videos, in a 360° video you can see only a part of original image (approximately 30 degrees out of 360). As result, the real resolution of the part you can see isn't bigger than 1.3K.

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