360º Climbing a 75 Meter Tree with No Rope - Pemberton - Australia 4K

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You can climb this 75 meter tree in Warren National Park, just outside of Pemberton in Western Australia. The view is amazing from the top as you feel like you're on top of a jungle. It's a scary experience as there's little safety between the pegs, but that's what makes it such a thrill.

Directions and information can be found here: http://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/dave...

A series of fire lookouts were constructed in the top of a few very tall Karri trees, mainly during the 1930s and 1940s. These lookouts were a way of spotting fires in the tall Karri forest. There are three karri tree towers open to the public..

Today you can still climb some of these lookout trees and take in their view:

The tree we climbed in the video is the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in the Warren National Park. The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree lookout was first pegged in 1988 as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. At 75m above the ground, with 165 pegs to climb to the top, it's the tallest with a 360-degree view of old growth Karri forest.

------Technical Information ----

The Gopro cameras were setup in the non-waterproof freedom360 rig attached to a monopod mounted to tripod. They were also attached to a gopro helmet mount for climbing.

To view the real impact of this video watch it using your smartphone on a Virtual Reality headset - from Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR to an Oculus Rift.

- Recorded using 6 GoPro Hero 4 Black - filming at 2.7k 4:3 - 30fps protune mode
- Location: Pemberton, Australia
- Resulting video resolution is in 4k for (4096x2048)
- Produced by 360 Thrill founder - Allan Dixon @daxon
- Thanks to Giulia for helping out in the video
- Ending graphics and rig removal was edited using 'SkyBox Studio' thanks to @mettlecon

Try SkyBox Studio out for yourself here, awesome workflow with text and graphics and rig romoval: http://mettle.com/product/skybox-studio/


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