360 Version 1 | Ham Radio QRP Outdoor Winter | Elecraft KX2 | Packtenna | 5K Video!

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This is a 360 VR video shot using the Garmin Virb 360. Feel free to look around in 360 degrees in 5K video raw mode.

I use the Packtenna and the Elecraft KX2 to do QRP ham radio CW work in a park. I use my tree line throw bag and throw an antenna into a tree.

Let me show you how to get an antenna into a tree. Don't need a sling shot or a big shot. Just an arborist throw line

Our QRP KX2 “stealth” transceiver can go wherever your imagination takes you.

To maximize your freedom to roam, you can outfit your KX2 with an internal 2.6 amp-hour Li-ion battery. Current drain is as little as 135 mA, yielding up to 8 hours of typical operation on a single battery charge. There’s also an internal automatic antenna tuner module (KXAT2), which can tune a random wire, dipole, or whip on multiple bands.

A rear tilt-foot angles the KX2 for use on any surface, from desktop to park bench to rock. The KX2 also makes a great moble rig, and can even be used hand-held. It includes a built-in mic for HT-style operation.

The KX2’s powerful 32-bit DSP offers features dual watch, stereo audio, user-programmable filter bandwidths, noise blanking, noise reduction, and auto-notch. RTTY and PSK data modes are built in—no PC needed—as well as a memory keyer and digital voice recorder for transmit.

There are two padded carrying cases for the KX2, including the CS40 and larger CS60. Both include belt straps and an interior compartment.

80-10 meter ham bands; general coverage receive from 3-32.0MHz (also covers 0.5 to 3 MHz with reduced sensitivity)

All modes: SSB, CW, and Data (four sub-modes)

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