4K 3D 360°: Velofix STL

Watch video in VR

Velofix St. Louis is a mobile bike shop run by Francesca DeRanzo and her doggy companion Campy. In addition to being the first female Velofix owner, Francesca also brings a deep knowledge of cycling and has an extremely unique bicycle collection, including a penny farthing from the late 1800s.

Find out more about Velofix at http://www.velofix.com/

To View:
- Set the resolution to 4K, or the highest resolution your device can handle for the best viewing experience.
- On Mobile: Use the official YouTube App for Android or iOS, and rotate the device around you, or scroll with your fingers to view the entire scene.
- On PC: Use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to access YouTube, and pan around the scene by clicking and dragging your mouse within the video frame.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShowMeVirtual
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShowMeVirtual
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShowMeVirtual

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