Lil Cherry - VITAMIN B [Official 360° VR Music Video]

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Episode 3.14 [BIGCHERRYPYE]
belysa x Lil Cherry "VITAMIN B" 360° VR Music Video

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Episode 3.14 [BIGCHERRYPYE]
Celebrating her new single, "Vitamin B," Lil Cherry launches her first collaboration with belysa: the [BIGCHERRYPYE] 2020 collection.

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Episode 3.14 [BIGCHERRYPYE]는 릴체리와 베리사의 첫 콜라보레이션으로 제품 출시와 동시에 발표되는 신곡 "Vitamin B"와 함께 일상에 상큼한 활력을 제공합니다.

Video by @tzusoo
Song Produced by @dakshood

Lil Cherry



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