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Composed with AI. This is an interactive 360° music video - for best quality, watch in 8k VR mode in a headset! Download/stream the song: | Subscribe:
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Life Support was composed using AI from Amper, with VR animation from Danny Bittman using Google Tiltbrush and Unity, incorporating fMRI videos...from MY BRAIN! Full credits below:

Music video directed and animated by: Danny Bittman -

Song composed by: Amper AI and Taryn Southern
Lyrics by: Taryn Southern
Vocal production and mixing: Ethan Carlson

Music video produced by: Taryn Southern and Jenn Duong

Funding provided by: YouTube VR Creator Lab

Special Thanks: VR Scout, Amper, Adam Schmidt, Jason Djang, Jamie Richstein, Frank Rodriguez, Rich Ridlen and Kathy Sue Holtorf

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