360° DDR Juggling - DEAD END - AAA (Perfect Full Combo) - DDR Extreme

Watch video in VR

360° Video -- Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (while juggling)
Song: DEAD END (Artist: N&S)
Difficulty: Heavy [9]

Taken with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera in 3K/60. You should be able to move around with your mouse or WASD or watch with a VR Headset.

Really drifty, fast taps, and one specific odd rhythm section. This chart was fixed in later mixes, and it was synched a lot better down the road. Here, it drifts nastily early and then that one silly rhythm section I have to work around with my added steps. I'm glad they fixed this chart, though. Tsugaru, Mikeneko Rock, Burning Heat, Bag, etc. are a few others that are updated in newer mixes. Anyway, this is a really good one to cross off the list.

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I'm quite good at the following games and sports:
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- Dungeon Defenders (but I don't really play this one anymore)
- Several Others...

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