360° DDR Juggling - TSUGARU (APPLE MIX) - AAA (Perfect Full Combo) - DDR Extreme

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** 360° Video ** -- Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (while juggling)
Song: TSUGARU (APPLE MIX) (Artist: RevenG vs. DE-SIRE)
Difficulty: Oni/Challenge [9]

Taken with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera in 3K/60. You should be able to move around with your mouse or WASD or watch with a VR Headset.

A subtly annoying 9 from DDR Extreme. It's a tiny bit early, and the ending is obnoxious, but otherwise it's not too bad. No major memories with this one outside of randomly AAAing it at Cyberstation way back in the day (probably 2005). Full DDR Juggling AAA video spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_pGwWcVKL0G9LlU-Xs6psnssUUAxuRNufJuZjxLK3k8

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I'm quite good at the following games and sports:
- DDR (also while Juggling)
- Five Nights at Freddy's and other Scott Cawthon games (boy is he popular these days)
- Basketball & NBA Baller Beats
- Running (also while Juggling)
- Skill-based Arcade Games (e.g. Super Shot, Two Minute Drill, Cornhole, etc.)
- Pump it Up
- Overcooked and Overcooked 2
- Retro:Grade
- Build-a-Lot
- Dungeon Defenders (but I don't really play this one anymore)
- Several Others...

If you have requests within the games that I still play, or if you have a game that you'd like to request, feel free to request it. I usually have a pretty busy schedule, but I try to make time to relax and play some of these games. If you want more content, watch what I have so far, stay tuned for more, spread the word, or even support my work on Patreon. Thanks! :)

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