Monte Alban 'Tomb 105' virtual tour 8K VR 360

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Virtual reality tour of "Tomb 105" at the archaeological site of Monte Alban.

Monte Alban was a large Zapotec city situated on a mountaintop, near Oaxaca, Mexico. This VR/360 video takes you on a virtual tour of the structure over the tomb, as well as into the tomb itself.

Scholarly sources cited for information presented in this video:
Kerpel, D. “The Hidden Aesthetic of Red in the Painted Tombs of Oaxaca.” RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics, no. 57/58, 2010, pp. 55–74.

Monte Alban site rendering from: "National Geographic Archaeology Collection" (

Imagery captured with permission of INAH, 2015.

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