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If you've wanted to know what it is like to snorkel with a turtle or scuba dive then check out 360 video.

We shot this 360 video with our custom designed underwater camera rig which allows us to captured 360 vision in 8K.

We figured this would just be a great way to share how beautiful our oceans really.

We filmed this in this super high resolution so that you can experience it in the best possible way.

We hope you enjoy this.

Ben & Di
To watch this video in 8K or 5K you will have to do it on a computer.

Most of the latest phones and tablets can now view in 4K via the youtube app

or you can try viewing the VR video with google cardboard for an amazing underwater virtual reality experience

For those of you that are interested:

Scuba diving locations:
Lady Elliot island Great Barrier Reef Australia
Komodo National Park Indonesia

This less than 2 minute file was a 46 GB file to upload

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