Out Of The Blue

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Out Of The Blue (10 minutes)

The inspiring story of the legacy inherited by the children of Cabo Pulmo.
Once described by Jacques Cousteau as the Aquarium of the World, years of overfishing killed the reef and pushed its inhabitants to the brink of extinction. To get their reef back, the Castros—a family of fishermen in Cabo Pulmo—chose to sacrifice their source of income and food by making a revolutionary yet dramatic decision: ban fishing in their own waters to encourage marine life to come back and take shelter.

Directed by Sophie Ansel
Cinematographer Christophe Bailhache
Narrated by Dr Sylvia Earle & Judith Castro Lucero

In collaboration with Underwater Earth,, Pelagic Life, #VRForGood by Oculus, and Reelfx .
With the kind support of: Seaview 360, Mission Blue, Spinifex, Panedia, Terrasat, Visit Baja.
Executive Producers: Lauren Burmaster (Oculus)
Producers: Sophie Ansel, Amy Seidenwurm, Paula Cueno, Joanne Sprague,
Director Of Photography: Christophe Bailhache
Principal cast: Judith Castro Lucero & Yerick Vallesillo Castro
Stereographer: Marcello Altieri
Associate Producer: Shelly McGee, Jerónimo Pérez , Rodolfo Rodriguez
Illustrator: Andrey Shushkov
Animation Producer: Jerome Debaecque
Animation creative producer: Roger Timmerman
Editor: Nick Varley
Sound Designer: Otavio Bertolo
Post Production: ReelfxPartners: Pelagic Life, #VRForGood by Oculus, Reelfx

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