Bösendorfer 1 - Chopin Revolutionary Etude - SPS200 SZ A2B - 360 Spatial Audio

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We were invited to the "Soirée Hanlet & Bösendorfer" at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, where we were able to do some experiments with 3 different Ambisonics microphones, recording the Bösendorfer pianos demonstrated that night. The performer here is a young musician, who was kind enough to play a few pieces for us to record (an impromptu performance, as we never met before and he didn't prepare for it). This first video on the Concert Grand was recorded with a SPS200 (converted with the original SurroundZone 2 A to B format plugin), you can also listen to a Rode NT-SF1 and a Soundfield SPS200 (A to B with Rode plug-in format) and a Core Sound OctoMic in these 3 videos:
SPS200 Rode plugin A2B:

As with our other videos moving your phone or dragging the picture will move the soundfield along (note for Mac Safari users: audio doesn't follow directon in Safari, please use Chrome or Firefox to hear that feature). Or you can use a VR headset and look & listen around. Enjoy and if you'd like to be kept up to date of future videos, please subscribe and click the notfication button.
Many thanks to:
https://maecenas.musicchapel.org/fr/accueil who have a Youtube channel as well:


and the pianist: Elliott Huvelle (14)

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