658 - Large Classroom/Conference Room | Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

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Here's our final farewell for our virtual 360-tour.

If you'd like to observe an info session for more info, check out our facebook live videos of our most recent ones here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to tisch.recorded.music@nyu.edu.

For an HD photo in 360, click the link below:

All Facility 360 Photos (HD)
Student lounge - https://theta360.com/s/FYM4JwYlv5UCKylm0JbERunQ
Rehearsal room - https://theta360.com/s/opnFaaSCduFt7T4KEBhZocyY4
Production Suite - https://theta360.com/s/c4EdrWvxbaBut3wubsk6m5dqq
Edit Suite - https://theta360.com/s/3rzK3f7aJpqfT7dL6zxXKEy8m
Studio 4 Control Room - https://theta360.com/s/sch3zprV8Kl0BS4VLFsnvUmJc
Studio 4 Live Room - https://theta360.com/s/pFQXUKgPTvxUGloHVVdprnTzU
Studio 3 Control Room - https://theta360.com/s/lVB9jNgnITvnmuq2V9OJhy9j6
Studio 3 Live Room - https://theta360.com/s/kdOtZZVzK068S4ylmbwAqIiBs
Studio 2 - Oscilloscope Laboratories Control Room - https://theta360.com/s/t7vVPXaiDm1GVBteKJH8PJJGS
Studio 2 - Oscilloscope Laboratories Live Room - https://theta360.com/s/qLufZN0AYj5Ppd4ERLuFoqPAG
Critical Listening Room - https://theta360.com/s/nev7jPic3pYqkboMHzsCIw7bU
Studio 1 Control Room - https://theta360.com/s/iZQcc4ZQH9c3lS8dveJiex9CC
Studio 1 Live Room - https://theta360.com/s/krwgmiZHO75hFXeZVFhCGAui8
Production Lab - https://theta360.com/s/bOuP7X8e86BUXNeLpCdiDri7s
Large Conference/Classroom - https://theta360.com/s/gG7upA4ds47qbLyKUe5oqXyvA

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