VR Karbala | Aftermath of Karbala 360 | Burning tents

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اَعْظَمَ اللهُ اُجُوْرَنَا وَاُجُوْرَكُمْ بِمُصَابِنَا بِالْحُسَيْنِ عَلَيْهِ السَّلَامُ

Experience the moments when neither Imam Hussain (as) or Abbas (as) was left to protect the women or the childrens.

In meantime, we ask you all to kindly support our work and help us by spreading the message of Imam Hussein (as)

You can help us by:
? Donating the price of a pizza ($12) to our cause (www.vr-karbala.com/NOPIZZABUTHUSSAIN)
? Sharing, tagging and liking our content and page
? Arranging events in your local mosque or hussaynia
? Remember us in your duaas ?


HOW TO USE: Simply play the video on your phone and put it in a VR headset, if you have on, or watch it directly from your phone.

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