KÀ Fight Scene Wrestling in VR180 | IMMERCIRQUE Episode 4 | Cirque du Soleil's Barri Griffiths

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Remember #WWE Wrestling Superstar Mason Ryan? He is now a #CirqueduSoleil artist! In this #VR180 video, follow Barri Griffiths (his real name), backstage in training, makeup, costume, and then in a final exclusive performance just for you!

#ImmerCirque is our VR180 series where we take you on an immersive journey with our Cirque du Soleil artists as they prepare to perform for their act.

Watch episode 1 of ImmerCirque with BAZZAR aerial rope artist, Lauren Joy Herley, here: https://youtu.be/tGzF9yawei4

Watch episode 2 with VOLTA hair suspension artist, Danila Bim: https://youtu.be/Jjsd-6O9GD0

Watch episode 3 with Zumanity hoops contortion artist, Elena Lev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t2SCT68NJ8&t=

About KA:
Gravity defied, enemies confronted, noble combat becomes acrobatic. War has never been fought this way. A colossal, moving stage is the battlefield. Up is down, land becomes sky. These dimension-bending confrontations redefine what it means to fight. Bodies full of strength, glowing with light and heat. Minds as bright and clear as the vast heavens, the great ocean, and the highest peak. Determination is the path, victory the reward. Dare to be part of the battle, live at MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Book now: https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/ka

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