VR Canoe Ride in Limoncocha Biological Reserve 6K VR 360° 3D (2018)

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Limoncocha Biological Reserve is a protected lagoon surrounded by rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It's home to piranhas, caiman, electric eels, sting rays, and many species of birds and monkeys. Many species are endemic, living nowhere else on Earth!

Join me for a canoe ride across this beautiful lagoon. We'll see a piranha up close, examine some aquatic plants and listen to Howler Monkey calls in the distance before being treated to a breathtaking sunset.

Interested in taking a tour yourself? You won't regret it! Go to: https://sumakallpatours.wixsite.com/tours to schedule one!

Shot on Insta360 Pro with Zoom H2N and Rode Smartlav

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