Glendora Mt Rd Side Trail Adventure in 360

Watch video in VR

Come along on this 360 mini-adventure as I explore a new mountain trail.

These are all of the items used in my pursuit of fun on EUCs. I own all of these and use them.

My Wheels:
I own a Mten3, MCM5, KS14S, ACM2, Tesla, MSuper V3s+, MSX, KS18XL, Z10 and a Monster.

I buy most of my wheels from EWheels. Why? Because of their selection, price, and perhaps most importantly, Jason's dedication to customer satisfaction and his ongoing support of the community. If the website doesn't list what you are looking for, give them a call. Use this link which lets them know that I've referred you:

If you are in Europe I highly recommend I have purchased wheels and parts from Ian and have always been happy with his customer service, prices, and joy of life :-)

My Safety Gear:
Viking Cycle Jacket:
Latest Full Face Scorpion Helmet:
Leatt Body Armor:
Leatt Dual Axis Knee & Shin Guards:
My Older Full Face Helmet:
My Skate Helmet (I have the Large size):
My summer helmet with visor:
Helmet mirror:
These knee and elbow pads have lasted forever:
What I think are the best wrist guards made, the Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards:
Triple 8 Knee Pads:
Triple 8 Wristsaver II Wrist Guards (used for shorter rides):

Slime Hose Adapter - the best one that I know of:
Valve Extenders:
Slime Valve Extenders
Metal Valve Core Remover:
Long Valve Core Remover for Ninebot Z10:
Slime Tube Sealant, used on all my wheels:
Slime Tube Sealant for Tubeless Tires (Ninebot Z10):
What I use to fill my tires when riding:
What I use to fill all of my tires at home, including the MSuper V3:
16-inch off-road tire:
Here is where I bought the tubes and tire for my Mten3:
o Xiaomi Mini Scooter Tyres 70/65-6.5 Tubeless Wheel Tires Vacuum Tyre:
o 10''inner 10 x 2.125 inner tube for self-balancing 2-wheel scooter:

Riding Gear:
Fantastic Bluetooth speaker - Velcro it on to your handle:
Most of my ride supplies are carried in this bag as I'm out on a ride:
MSuper Side Pad Extensions:
Pebble Watch:
WheelLog Android App that supports Ninebot Z10:
WheelLog Android App. This version will allow you to control KingSong and Gotway wheels:
Non-social Version of Gotway App:
Non-social Version of KingSong App:
KingSong Key Generator for unlocking your wheel:
Geo-Tracker Android app:
Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses:
MSuper X Sidepad Extensions:
Kenda Trail Tire for my ACM2:

Video/Photographic Gear:
My favorite ultra-portable tripod for the phone:
My HD Camera:
My 4k Camera:
My 360 Camera:
Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Mic for use with 4k Song camera:
The tripod that I use as my selfie-stick and all fly-by shots:
Super Long selfie-stick:
o I use these Velcro straps on the tripod to make it more rigid:
The Sony Voice Recorder:
Lavalier Mics:

Video Editing:
I've been using this video editing software for years:

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