Aircraft cloud-surfing!! Motivation in 360VR video

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Come join us on an Epic Cloud-surfing experience on board a Diamond DA42 aircraft from OSM aviation (Former SAA). Make sure to look around and make best use of the awesome 360VR experience!
For the absolute coolest experience, use a Google Cardboard headset and you will RIGHT THERE with us in the cockpit.
This is probably one of the Best VR videos we have ever made. We will be flying around the cloud-tops, enjoying the setting sun and the ATC chatter on the radio together with some epic music.
This video was originally uploaded 2 years ago but I wanted to show it to a broader audience.

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If You want to see THIS Full video, without music, the get the "SAA VR" app. It also includes a briefing and a 360 Flight in the OSM aviation Academy Boeing 737 simulator.

If you want to visit OSM flight academy, or find out about their professional Pilot courses. Visit their website below:

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