4K 3D 360°: Creve Coeur Sailing Association

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Ready to sail?! Get right in the action with the Creve Coeur Sailing Association as they race around Creve Coeur Lake in Maryland Heights, MO. With a range of skills, experience, and vessels, these sailors teach us what sailing is all about while showing us how to have fun on the water.

More about the Creve Coeur Sailing Association: www.SailCCSA.com

To View:
- Set the resolution to 4K, or the highest resolution your device can handle for the best viewing experience.
- On Mobile: Use the official YouTube App for Android or iOS, and rotate the device around you, or scroll with your fingers to view the entire scene.
- On PC: Use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to access YouTube, and pan around the scene by clicking and dragging your mouse within the video frame.

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