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Ghost Hunt | Paranormal Investigation | WereWOOFS Investigation
Ref: WereWoofs Investigation 6.22.2018




This channel has paranormal witness and ghost rider it is not a ghost prank and is much entetaining than watching ghost movie as you are seeing real ghost adventure ghost story you will hear ghost sounds and we as ghost hunters as we are ghost hunting you will experience better than horror movies and the horror stories you have seen horror scenes in live, this is an ultimate horror show and you can call it a ghost thriller videos may be very scary movies all the scray stories here are real and the scray soundsdead like ghostly sounds in the haunted houses yes this is haunted tv show with ghost from werewoofs and our number one dog adventure channel of woofdriver,

WooFDriver is the nickname of Bill Helman, an animal advocate and outdoorsman who has devoted his life to dogs. Bill has owned huskies for two decades and has developed his own brand of Urban Mushing, incorporating specialized equipment, one-of-a-kind bikes, and his own sense of fun. He calls this “WooFDriving.”
WereWoof is a Ghost Venture of Bill Helman and his Paranormal Team.
I started my journey of ghost hunting this past 4 years while I was out midnight mushing with my dogs at night in order to give them an extended break during our warmer weather mushing runs. From there I found how interested I was in finding what was out there hidden in the darkness of the night.

We are not affiliated with any of the other popular ghost hunting television shows. This allows us to make sure that everything we do is 100% legitimate and free of hoaxes. We have no intention or need to fabricate or embellish any of our findings to get better ratings. We provide you 100% unedited footage from the field (no special effects and minimal editing to bring you the best part of our adventures). This gives you the viewer the opportunity to see what we see through our state-of-the-art equipment (some that is not available to the public), and determine for yourself if it’s truly evidence of a paranormal being.

We use the most advanced equipments used in Ghost Hunting across the world.
This is some of the equipment that the WereWOOFS Team use on their paranormal adventures!
SLS Structured Light Sensor Camera
The Portal
The Ovilus 5
Paranormal Puck 2
SB-7 & SB-11 —Spirit Boxes
Boo Buddy
K2 Meter EMF Detector
Mel Meter EMF Detector
Digital Audio Recorders for EVP’s ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
FLIR —Thermal imaging camera
for android & Apple devices
Night Vision Cameras
Police Body Cameras with night vision
360 degree wildlife camera with motion detection & night vision
Curtis motion detector

These are the Most powerful ghost hunting equipments used ever in the industry.

Details can be found here:

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