Back To The Future Universal Ride 3D 8K VR (virtual reality)

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"Back to the Future: The Ride" was a popular Universal Studios ride that sadly closed in 2007. For those of you interested in experiencing some of that magic again, I've created a VR 360 degree simulation of that ride using the original footage. Compatible with VR headsets like Google Cardboard or any headset that can view YouTube 360 videos.

4 years ago, I created a 4K version of this with much lower quality graphics, footage, and audio. After several requests from viewers and fans of my first video, I have decided to make a 8K 3D 360 version. Hopefully, the high resolution will future-proof this video for years to come. (it is meant to be viewed in a proper VR headset, not on your computer monitor or phone.)

Designed and rendered with Cinema 4D via the Redshift Renderer. (C4D)

Thank you to YouTube user Themaxleydog for all of his work in restoring the original ride footage.

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