UP! A Great Bird Adventure in 5.7K Shot on a Garmin VIRB 360 Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Shot in 5.7k on a Garmin VIRB 360 at Walt Disney World in Animal Kingdom.

Spread Your Wings
Flock together with Russell, Dug and their fine-feathered friends for an informative foray into bird-watching.

Take flight as you join Russell and his furry sidekick Dug on a flap-happy adventure sure to send spirits soaring. Led by a senior Wilderness Explorer, this unique birding experience features a close-up look at various species from around the globe—including the marabou stork, a creature that flaunts a magnificent 10-foot wingspan. Prepare for breathtaking fun with these free-flying fowl... along with a few other surprises!

The all-new UP! A Great Bird Adventure runs—well, flies—throughout the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom park.

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