Grizzly River Run at California Adventure Park, December 25, 2018

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This is one of our favorite rides! Unfortunately, the recording ended right before the last drop, but this video gives you an idea of the ride, at least. The sign says "You may get soaked; you will get wet." This is very true. You can buy a poncho at the gift shop beside the ride for $12 (they are behind the counter). Put your feet on the little ledge below your seat and tuck in your poncho around your legs, should you like to minimize the wetness. For $5, you can enter the multi-person hot-air blower afterward (once, we were invited in by our fellow tubers--- free hot air, woot!) We have brought the same ponchos to D-Land since 2010-- since Spash Mountain gives you quite the soak, it is well worth the investment!
{Filmed using a Ricoh Theta V.}

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