Amy Rivard When We Come Together 360° Music Video

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I was very fortunate to grow up in Windsor, Ontario which is on the border of Detroit, Michigan. We are communities that have co-existed in peace and partnership for as long as I can remember. Our International Freedom Show Festival, a multi-day celebration in late June marks Canada Day on July 1 and the American Independence Day on July 4th. Together, we celebrate the unity that exists between our two nations. This festival draws about 3.5 million visitors. It began in 1959 and has the largest international fireworks display between two countries. Windsor & Detroit come together and make something beautiful. My hope with this song and stunning video (shot by & is that it will remind us that we can live in peace, as that is what we all truly wish for. Much thanks to Chris Kirtisis, Bob Duff, James Chenard, Brian Zanier and Assumption High School, Charlie O'Brien, & , the City of Windsor, Kathy Wilson, Zoe Wilson and Ella Kiritsis and my mom and dad!

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