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‘Wild Music’ is a sound instillation project of a composition that is designed to blend in with an already existing location.

The aim of ‘Wild Music’ is to work with these places of quiet reflection and weave ambient drones and sparse composition with the natural sounds and the physical space. I hope to enhance its natural beauty and encourage others to stop for just a moment to appreciate the physical soundscape.

Inspired by the works of John Cage, Brian Eno, Michael Nyman and Terry Riley, among others, the composition ‘In Sea’ is the first venture into Wild Music and has been created for a chosen location along the East Sussex coastline. Developed from field recordings of the environment, six separate loops of various length have been composed using piano, strings, drones and manipulated samples. This pre composed music is then diffused into separate sources and further spatially diffused amongst the environmental landscape. Each individual element balanced together echos the natural balance of sound in nature and is meant to compliment and work with these natural sonic elements.

To experience Wild Music, one has to be physically present and in the moment, open to the natural environmental changes that shape the experience.

This is a simulation.

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