#KGBb Tour 2018 8/9/18 - Brattleboro, VT - #VTVR Music 360 Virtual Reality

Watch video in VR

#KGBb Tour 2018 8/9/18 - Brattleboro, VT - #VTVR Music 360 Virtual Reality

Bass, Seagull Merlin, Guitar, Banjo, Vox

This is the Third show of our Sunrise to Sunset Seven City Tour

Virtual Reality 360 Video

#1. Make sure you turn YOUTUBE quality all of the way up!
Old Fashioned Computers:
Move your cursor over the screen to look around in 360 or use the circular controller on the upper right hand side of your screen.
Smart Phone:
Open on YOUTUBE APP to move around your body in 360 like a Star Chart App...
Use Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Daydream, or Oculus for #VTVR Music Immersive experience...
Open on ALTVR APP for Virtual 360 Movie Theater in which you can host up to 10 friends.

Or better yet...
Go see #KGBb in real life:
Part of an awesome Spring/Summer Tour 2018
#KGBb Spring/Summer Tour 2018
5/25/18 - Black Wolf Virtual Pre-Party, My House
5/26/18 - Storybook Stroll Stage, The Woods
5/27/18 - Waterbury Train Station Amphitheatre
5/28/18 - Morrisville Train Station Pokemon Gym
6/1/18 - My Porch, Up in Vermont
6/2/18 - Devil’s Gulch Amphitheatre, The Woods
6/3/18 - Elmore Mountain Invisible House, The Woods
6/9/18 - Field Near ‘Ol Needle Eye, The Woods
6/10/18 - Joe’s Virtual Store, Augmented Reality
6/16/18 - Tuesday Night Live Stage, Johnson, VT
6/23/18 - Pleasant St. Amphitheatre, Morrisville, VT
7//18 - ‘76 Camp Galley, Oak Hill, NY
8/9/18 - Cape Doom Amphitheatre, Cape Doom, VT
8/9/18 - Worcester Community Stage, Worcester, VT
8/9/18 - Golden Dome Amphitheatre, Montpelier, VT
8/9/18 - In Front of “Turn It Up!”, Brattleboro, VT
8/9/18-Rainbow Road Amphitheatre,North Hampton,MA
8/9/18 - Bushnell Performing Arts Center, Hartford, CT
8/9/18 - New Haven Green, New Haven, CT
8/9/18 - Washington Square Park, New York, NY
8/10/18 - Narrows Bridge Stage,Staten Island, NY
8/10/18 - The Top of MOUNT MOSES,Staten Island, NY
8/11/18 - Tobyhanna Train Station, Tobyhanna, PA
8/11/18 - Easter Island Head Amphitheatre, TimeExpo, Waterbury, CT
8/?/18 - Morrisville Gazebo, Morrisville, VT
8/?/18 - WNL Stage, Morrisville, VT
8/?/18 - Katie’s Kabana - The Woods, VT
9/1/18 - Alive In The Woods Festival, The Woods, VT
9/2/18 - Begin Practice for next year Spring/Summer Tour 2019

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