Vienna from an eagle's eye view - 360° (long)

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Watch the spectacular 360-degree video of Vienna from the perspective of an eagle, a product of Red Bull Media House for the Vienna Tourist Board. You'll find more information here:

A world premiere - equipped with a 360-degree camera, the eagles flew over Vienna to capture impressive moving images of the city. This had never been done before in a million metropolis. Vienna's beauty can only be seen to its full extent from a bird's eye view. With the help of VR glasses, you can see Vienna in this 360-degree perspective from the bird of prey's point of view.

Fritzi and Bruno, the two eagles, started in October 2017 from the Danube Tower and from a hot-air balloon that took off from the garden of Palais Schwarzenberg. Their colleagues Darshan and Victor completed the recordings in early 2018.

Please notice: If you want to watch it on your mobile you have to open the YouTube app to have the full 360 experience.

Watch the Making-Of: (long version) (short version)

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Director: Peter Clausen,

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