WET 'Ring Taxi BMW M3! - (360 One Take)

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In this 360 degree video experience, Matt and The Smoking Tire's long-lost creative force and cameraman Thaddeus Brown go out on a very wet Nordschliefe with 'Ring Meister Ron Simmons, owner of RSRNurburg, in a BMW M3. Ron, being the kind of person who owns a race car rental outfit at the 'Ring and Spa, treats the M3 as utterly disposable and scares the absolute shit out of Matt, who, as it is well known, does not trust cars, tires, tracks, or other drivers, in the wet.

Going to the 'RING or SPA? Don't drive your own car, get a race car! RSR Nurburg has prepped sports and race cars exclusively for Nurburgring and Spa trackday/tourist day use! Check them out at

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