360° Chase Animation Short - Opo's Small Adventure

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A chubby, loveable Opossum takes a bite of a magic mushroom and has to face his greatest fears.

It is highly recommended to watch the video through virtual reality glasses! It's worthwhile :-)

- Opo's Small Adventure is a cartoon chase animation short.
- The short film was designed for a room installation.
- Therefore we used 5 screens that are arranged in a semicircle and the spectator is in the middle.
- The animation short run over all screens and we use surround sound to guide the viewer.
- 2D/3D Mixed Animation.
- Loopable animation.
- To present "Opo's Small Adventure" we used a 360 degree GoPro Rig to record the whole room installation. At the same time, the animated short film was shown over the five Samsung TVs.

Isabelle Strobel - 2d Character Design, Storyboard, 2d Animatic, 2d Animation, Management;
Tan Sander Lieske - 3d Character Design, Environment Assets, Environment Texturing, 3d Character Texturing, Cloth Simulation, 2d Coloring;
Niklas Schmidt - 3d Character Rig, Previz Animation, 3d Character Animation, Compositing
Konstantin Schorer - 3d Character Model, Scene Layout, 3d Character Fur, Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Vision Keeper;
Philipp Hagmann - Sound and Music Production

Semesterproject of study program "Animation & Game" of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

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